Great Cloth Diaper Resources

I am an OBSESSIVE researcher, so when I decided I was interested in cloth diapers, I researched OBSESSIVELY.  Oh…and I decided I wanted to cloth diaper a year before I even started trying to get pregnant, so I’ve been researching them for, um, three years.  I have found sooo many helpful resources, but I wanted to go ahead and put together a list of the ones that I have found the most helpful.  Hopefully this page can save some people some time!

My Cloth Diaper Stash – If you are looking for the basics on cloth diapering, Julie has a page nicely organized so that you can find everything you need -Amazing!

Padded Tush Stats – Tara and Carolyn are awesome!  There are so many resources, statistics, survey results and reviews on this website.  They are continually updating with new reviews and giveaways too.  Their reviews are nice because they have huge pictures so you can really see what the diapers look like. – There are basic resources, reviews and advice on this site.  Every Monday a new reader question is answered, usually related to cloth diapering.  Also, Maria is such a nice person who answers every question people ask her!

Cloth Diaper Addicts – Suzi is also a very helpful person who answers reader questions promptly.  She discusses pretty much every aspect of cloth diapering on her blog.  I like reading her blog because she has very strong opinions and I like that!

ObbsandLala cloth diaper Vlogs – If you like videos better, I’m pretty sure this woman is the queen of cloth diapering YouTube videos!  She has so many helpful topics on this page.

For me, these really were the most helpful resources.  Besides these websites, I also read many cloth diaper reviews when choosing the brands I wanted to try.  I found that people obviously had very different opinions on different diapers based on their individual babies, but I still noticed that certain brands were consistently reviewed well and had characteristics that were appealing to me in a diaper.  I still made sure to test out a diaper for myself first before I bought a bunch of the brand because I needed to see how the diaper worked for me and my baby.  So, I would definitely read reviews, but just realize that what one person says may not be true for you.

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